What can Picovico do?

Slideshow MakerPicovico can take a set of your photos and turn it into a rather spiffy video.
Dear Sirs, Picovico can make your pictures look tremendously better with added music and special effects. You can then share on Facebook and Twitter, incredible photos of yourself posing like a Boss in front of your cafeteria entrance to the tune of 'Eye of the Tiger'.

Create video from photos
Select styles for your video

Add Styles to VideoEnhance your legendary pictures with themes, Picovico gives you a choice of themes to set the mood. Want to put together pictures to the tunes of 'Unforgiven' but want to make it all meta? We got a flowery theme to go with that.

convert photos to video
Add music to video

Add music to the slideshowDon't like Metallica's version of Unforgiven? Good! You can upload your own nasal version, adding another layer of meta to an already mind-blowing meta.

Turn your photos into video
Share Slideshows

Share your videoAnd finally, for the inner masochists in you, Picovico gives you the ability to share this freshly minted video of awsomeness on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy the defacement of your wall by irritating Metal-heads or better still, become famous on reddit without the help of cats or magnets!

Tweet Your Video

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